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3P QuickCure Clay

3P QuickCure Clay is the only "cure-on demand" clay for artists. With its unlimited working time, 3P QuickCure Clay allows you all the time you need to prepare your sculpture. Only when you are ready, do you start the curing processing by heating with a heat gun. The curing process is fast because the reaction proceeds by "frontal polymerization"...the chemical reaction actually spreads out so you don't need to heat the complete sample.

3P QCC is a proprietary mixture of acrylates, peroxides and inorganic fillers.

How do I use 3P QuickCure clay?

You can use 3P QuickCure Clay to make small sculptures or to apply over an armature for large sculptures. Take all the time you want to prepare your sculpture because it won't harden until you are ready. You can also use it to make casts or molds.